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About Costa Rica Travel Life

Bailey and Daniel take a selfie in Tortuguero National Park
We’re Dan and Bailey – nice to e-meet you!

Hey! We’re Bailey and Dan, and we are the writers and adventurers behind this blog, Costa Rica Travel Life.

We started this blog because, well, we love Costa Rica! We want to share our passion for Costa Rica so that you, too, can discover this amazing country.

We first visited Costa Rica in 2016 on a backpacking trip. It was our first time in Central America, and we loved it! Since then, we’ve visited Costa Rica more times than we can count, and in 2021, we moved to La Fortuna so we could see more of the country.

That led to us starting this blog, which is a diary for all our adventures in Costa Rica and a way for us to share what we’ve learned along the way. We ended up leaving Costa Rica to explore the world some more, but we visit often, and we hope to open an eco-resort there soon!

We write all our guides from personal experience, so expect some quirky stories along the way, as well as our personal opinions on what we loved and didn’t love! However, because we write from experience, expect honest, trustworthy guides to help plan your trip to Costa Rica. Oh, and in all ranges of travel styles…

That’s because when we first visited Costa Rica, we were budget backpackers, so you’ll find a lot of free and cheap activities in our guides. However, since our first trip, our travel style has changed a bit (we traded in backpacker hostels for beautiful hotels or villas), so you’ll also have moderate to higher-end travel advice mixed in.

Bailey and Daniel in Puerto Jimenez

This means, there is something for everyone at Costa Rica Travel Life!

Although our travel style has changed, our love for traveling Costa Rica hasn’t. Costa Rica keeps bringing us back – at various different stages of our lives. And we love writing about it!

Our mission with this blog is to help you!

As with any travel destination, having the best information and tips before visiting is super important. Not only can it save you money, but also a lot of travel headaches -trust me, we’ve had a few!

There’s a lot to know about Costa Rica, and we have lots more to write. So, we’re off to continue exploring and sharing what we learn with you. Below, you can get to know each of us a little better!

Disclaimer: All of the content on Costa Rica Travel Life is human written based on our personal experience. We do not use AI or any other writing program to create our helpful guides. I never thought I’d have to declare this, but here we are (welcome to 2024…!)

About Bailey Busslinger

Hi, I’m Bailey, and I’m one half of Costa Rica Travel Life.

I grew up in Edmonton, Canada, and met Daniel on a holiday to Europe back in 2013. A year later, I moved to Australia, and Daniel and I reconnected, and well, the rest is history.

We dotted around the world, living in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and Costa Rica while traveling in between. Costa Rica will always be my favorite country in the world, followed closely by New Zealand.

I’m the planner in our relationship, and when I’m not traveling, I spend all of my time researching travel. I think this makes me great at knowing what to blog about!

I love sloths and avoid monkeys, but turtles are my favorite. I love doing things that scare me, which makes Costa Rica and I a perfect match – it only takes one night walk to work that out!

My dream is to open an eco-resort in Costa Rica and live sustainably, but for now, I’m happy writing about my experiences and helping travelers like yourself. It really is so rewarding!

Thanks for joining, and I hope to see you out there exploring Costa Rica!

Bailey climbs some stairs on a ziplining tour in Monteverde, Costa Rica
Bailey on a sunset cruise while in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

About Daniel Caracciolo

I still can’t believe I’m writing an “about me” – I’m a long way from the gas fields in Western Australia, where I worked before meeting Bailey.

I’m Daniel, and unlike Bailey, I make up around 35% of Costa Rica’s travel Life. Bailey makes up the other 65% on her own!

I grew up in Perth, Australia but could never see myself living there. I have always wanted to travel, and I had no idea what would lead me to Bailey.

I’ve always had the travel bug but hated traveling fast. I couldn’t explore a country in less than eight weeks, so I quit my job a lot. Thankfully, Bailey also loved it, and we did that together while moving around the world.

I love surfing, getting off the beaten path, photography, and living naturally. So yeah, Costa Rica has always been perfect.

If you ask me about a place, I’ll talk your ear off with every detail – I guess that’s why I love travel blogging so much – the computer doesn’t tell me to shut up!

Anyway, before I get too carried away, enjoy Costa Rica and Pura Vida!

Daniel touring the farm at Don Juan Coffee Tour La Fortuna
Daniel with a burger at Ridiculous Burgers